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How to Know What Your Beauty & Hair Care Routine Needs

There's no question that taking care of our hair and skin is important, but it can be tough to know where to start. Lucky for you, our team at Crisan Beauty is here to help! In this blog post, we'll discuss the different things your beauty and hair care routine may need, based on your skin and hair type. We'll also share some of our favorite natural beauty products that will leave your hair and skin looking and feeling incredible! Learn more below and order today!

Natural beauty products for dry hair and skin.
Dry Skin and Hair

If you have dry skin or hair, it's important to use products that will hydrate and nourish your hair and skin. We recommend using a gentle, hydrating product, like our Arise & Shine Hair & Skin Oil. It’s formulated with naturally moisturizing oils, which will leave your hair and skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy!

Natural beauty products for oily hair and skin.
Oily Skin and Hair

You may be tempted to use products that strip away all of the oil if you have oily skin or hair. However, this can actually make your oil production worse in the long run! Instead, we suggest using a clarifying product, such as our Clarity Hair & Skin Oil. This will gently cleanse your hair and skin without stripping away the natural oils.

Natural beauty products for combination hair and skin.
Combination Skin and Hair

If you have combination skin or hair, you know that it can be tricky to find products that work well for both your oily and dry areas. We recommend using a product like our Charity & Love Hair & Skin Oil. This oil is light and easily absorbed, so it won't leave your hair or skin feeling too greasy or too dry.

Natural beauty products for normal hair and skin.
Normal Skin and Hair

Have normal skin or hair? You're in luck! This means you can pretty much use any type of hair and skin care product without worrying about it causing problems. However, we still suggest using products that are natural and nourishing, such as our CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil. This product will leave your hair and skin feeling refreshed and healthy!

Now that you know what your beauty and hair care routine may need, it's time to stock up on the right products. Shop our selection of natural hair and skin care products at Crisan Beauty! We know you'll love the way your hair and skin look and feel after using our products!

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