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You've tried them and loved them, now get two of our most popular CRISAN Hair and Skin Products with the biggest discount EVER!


1 x 16oz Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil 

1 x 8 oz truAGE Moisturizing Facial Oil



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Customer Reviews

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Hair oil and skin oil

I really like the way my hair and skin feel . I see the most change in my hair I no longer need to put heat on my hair . My hair was super frizzy . Everyday I had to straighten or curl my hair due to my hair texture . Since I've use the hair oil twice a week I've noticed my hair is thicker and shiny . I will never stop using this product and recommending it to all my friends .

Aida G.

I bought the Crisan Hair oil and facial oil in the "Buy This Get That 50% off" offer. I had been reading about the products, reviews, watched Ariana's videos and because using nature's tools to help with health is not new or a foreign concept, I made a well informed decision to buy. The easiest thing to try first was the facial oil. With normal life changes, my skin had grown extremely dry. So dry you could see tiny white flakes on my face and foundation wouldn't even hide it!! I tried and liked other fine, expensive product lines but the moisture would not last but they did help I must say in the short-term. So I was excited to put Ariana's oil on my face and the first results were that the moisture lasted much longer. Then using it twice a day within the first week, I stopped seeing those tiny flakes!!! And now a month into using it, I have noticed healthy, glowing skin! Sometimes I have to look a few times and say "WOW" every time. I am still working on incorporating the hair oil more regularly. But I have used it twice. The first time I used it on dry hair, left it on for 3 hours just to see how my scalp would react. My hair was very soft and the curls loved it and looked like curls for once!! The 2nd time i tried it on wet was harder to use and get off with too many shampooings to accomplish this. So I recommend doing it on a dry hair. So for me, i will do it only with dry hair and will do it overnight as the scalp did just fine. I really love the products so much and appreciate the family-style approach to this business. Makes all the difference!! I will be buying more!! Thanks so much for all you do!!!

Davi Lim
Love the smell!

So far I love it! After the treatment over night, I double shampoing and use a bit of conditioner. My hair feel soft and not greasy. I am waiting to use my entire bottle to see if it help with my hair falling or getting fuller.

Must have!

Amazing product! Also, got a good duo special! First time buyer. Can’t complain!

Patricia Tessler
The Best Hair Yet

I cancelled my skin doctor appointment to discuss medication for regrowth of hair! Since I have been using the hair topical product with so many enriching oils, not only is my hair getting thicker but I am not getting it cut as often. The best indication of a successful product is what OTHERS notice and several people have commented on the health and color of my hair so a big thank you because in all my years of trying so many products, I finally discovered something that works minus drugs and harsh chemicals! xox