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This Season, celebrate the start of healthy beautiful hair with this powerful duo. You've tried it and loved it, now get TWO of our most popular CRISAN Hair Products with the biggest discount EVER!


2 x 16oz Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil 

1 x Complete Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Vitamins


Healthy Hair is a beautiful representation of a healthy body and mind. Allow CRISAN to begin you on a wonderful journey by subscribing to The Selva Family on YouTube where you will learn many of our incredible hair strengthening recipes and tips. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Using to stop loose hair..

I using this product 3 weeks.I’d like the smelt of oil.
I also drink a vitamins for hair, for now i don’t see any difference from start, but i continue to use and wish to see result.


I really like this stuff! It smells great and noticed my hair immediately looked better after using the oil. Also less hair fall out.
I also have the vitamins which I love! They seem to give me energy and calmness all at the same time.
I will re order both of these when I need them. I've been considering the facial treatment as well but will wait till I can get a deal on it.

Really good hair oil

This is my second bottle and I really like it . I didn’t make any hair packs yet but I use it once a week as an overnight hair treatment . I also put some on my 4 year little boy who has curly hair .
As for the hair growth I don’t know if it speeds up the process but but the hair appear to be in excellent health . I like it

Multi-Pack Purchase

Have been using Crisan facial & hair oil for several months now. I just purchased 3rd & 4th bottle of the hair oil and second bottle of the hair vitamins. Very pleased w/ the results- hair is growing, no more dandruff nor dry scalp, skin is vibrant. Can't wait to sharemore of the continuing cumlative results of using Crisan hair and facial oil.