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Buy One Get One 50% Off

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This Season, celebrate the start of healthy beautiful hair with this powerful duo. You've tried it and loved it, now get TWO of our most popular CRISAN Hair Products with the biggest discount EVER!


1 x 16oz Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil 

1 x Complete Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Vitamins


Healthy Hair is a beautiful representation of a healthy body and mind. Allow CRISAN to begin you on a wonderful journey by subscribing to The Selva Family on YouTube where you will learn many of our incredible hair strengthening recipes and tips. 

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Service and delivery is good

Rose Olson

Buy One Get One 50% Off

Suganda Iyer
Hair nourishment for Hair loss

I have aging hair and is turning frizzy by the day. In the past few years, I have seen my hair go from luster to dull. Hair loss post menopause has also been the cause. I decided to buy the product and try. It has been only a few weeks hence cannot say yet if my hair has started growing or not. But I must say that the oil is relatively non-greasy and does not have a strong smell, a definite star worthy in my books. It is keeping my scalp from becoming totally dry another star-worthy. I also purchased the Crisan complete Hair essentials supplement and hoping it will help in my hair rejuvenation. So far I have not yet seen my hair fall reduce but hoping it will be the magic potion for me. The cost of this product is pretty high, and hence one starless, but if it does the job, I will be willing to give it 10 stars.

Jaicy Mathew

Buy One Get One 50% Off

I love discounts

These beauty products aren't cheap, so I often look for the sales, where I feel like I'm getting "something" but at the same time I understand they're a business who is also trying to put food on the table, we all are, aren't we?! But we want good hair and skin when we sit to eat. Lol anyway, I buy when I see a sale and I've really been enjoying the product for the last 3 weeks.. my hair is soft, I know I'm doing well by it and treating it the best I can.. I'm eating better and taking charge of my health. I am so thankful to this family for working to bring these products into people's homes... I am so thankful to God for creating plants and giving us oils and natural, healthier ways of taking care of the body God gave us.. and I'm thankful to Ariana for sharing so many tips.