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16oz CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil

Great Hair Starts with a Healthy Scalp. We’ve Got You Covered with our Best-Selling Complete Scalp and Hair Rejuvenation Product: the CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil.

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Thinning Hair Has Never Had So Much Support.

Optimize Hair Health by Supporting Whole-Body Health.


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You will NEVER find another range of whole hair health supplements like those offered by CRISAN. Our Complete Hair Essentials Vitamin and Supplements Collection is the only one of its kind with hundreds of Powerful Organic Superfood Ingredients in One Regimen. No Preservatives, no fillers, no added sugar or fake sweeteners. Our line of supplements is the safest whole-food nutrition available for your hair strengthening journey!

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Purely Ayurvedic Formulations Infused with South Indian Vetiver Root. If you're in the market for the best eyelash and brow serums ever, look no further...we've got you covered.

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The Hidden Gems of CRISAN. Our Skin Care Formulations are World-Renown, Age-Defying Healthy Skin Supporters. The Truly Best Skin Type in the World is the Type That Makes You Happy.

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Whether you are starting to use CRISAN for the first time or you're one of those whose order we know by heart, there is a CRISAN kit here that you're sure to love! Shop Now for the biggest discounts of all:

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CRISAN features a variety of targeted hair strengthening solutions from topical hair strengthening products such as our hair oils, shampoos, and masks,to internal hair strengthening vitamins and supplements.

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    Best product ever!!!

    I’ve used the strengthening hair oil for about a year…everyone compliments my hair and ask what I use … it’s all due to Crisan hair oil, can’t live without!!❤️ -Konny K.

    16oz Hair Strengthening Oil 
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    Best Hair oil!

    I have been using this hair oil for about three months and I am hooked. I’m back on this page to make a second purchase. I have been oiling my hair for years and this is by far the most nourishing oil I have used for hot oil treatments. -Abigaila C.

    16oz Hair Strengthening Oil 
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    Love these products!

    I could immediately see and feel a difference in my hair. Now in my mid-40s my hair texture, strength, condition has changed drastically and I purchased these products as a last resort after trying many out there. I absolutely love these hair care products! -Beth Z.

    100+ Hair Strengthening Mask 
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    I just love how this product feels. It has special energy when I applied. I simply feel better (no jokes) it feels very pure and natural. I am using oil every 20 days + vitamins. I am doing all night treatments 2,3 times per week. -Yuliya S.

    Complete Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Vitamins & Hair Oil Combo