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CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Mask - 100+ Plant-Based Hair Strengthening Ingredients

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Our CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Mask is unlike anything you have ever used before! Our goal in creating this product was to fortify your scalp with incredible antioxidants, phytonutrients, and extreme nutrition in an easy-to-apply weekly scalp mask. There are over 100 natural and incredible ingredients in this single container. We chose these ingredients specifically for their unique individual characteristics which work synergistically when paired with these other hair strengthening powerhouses!


This mask is meant to be applied as a thick paste and can be left on your scalp for at least an hour before washing. When the time comes to wash it out, allow the water from your shower to hit the mask for about five minutes to remove the mask almost in its entirety. Remember not to scrub your scalp until your hair is free of the mask. Please see the Directions for Use for more information.

Customer Reviews

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It actually works!

I saw the Selva family add on Pinterest, and since I'm struggling with hair loss, I thought I would buy their hair mask. It actually works! My hair felt so moisturized and soft after using their hair mask. Its better than any other hair mask I've tried because it has a soothing smell and is 100% natural. I also brought their hair oil, which also worked amazing. I will definitely repurchase their products!

This hair mask is legit

It really works, y'all! I'm also from Texas, and it makes me so happy how they are operated where I come from (I live in Frisco, which is not that far from McKinney). It also has a soothing smell. Will definitely repurchase!

this works wonders

this hair mask is amazing, it actually works wonders. my hair feels so good after just one use of the hair mask. it smells excellent as well. will definitely keep using. i am proud to say im a customer for life! (i included a pic of me to show how happy i am) the selva family is the best!

This product is SO soothing!

Loving the hair mask so far! Its the best mask I've ever massaged on my hair, has a good smell too. Will definitely repurchase. Ariana is the best❤

Definitely Buying!

Def buying this amazing product! :)