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Memorial Day Special - 16oz Hair Oil, 100+ Hair Mask, & Complete Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Vitamins - CRISAN Beauty

Memorial Day Special - 16oz Hair Oil, 100+ Hair Mask, & Complete Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Vitamins

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This Memorial Day Special Contains the Following Three Items: 

1 x 16oz Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil 

1 x 8 oz Extreme Hair Strengthening Mask

1 x Complete Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Vitamins


The Original CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil repairs, strengthens, and hydrates all hair types, while thickening and growing long healthy hair. It also increases shine, softness, and even color vibrancy (see full description here).


There are over 100 natural and incredible ingredients in a single container of the CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Mask. We chose these ingredients specifically for their unique individual characteristics which work synergistically when paired with these other hair strengthening powerhouses! (see full description here).


CRISAN Complete Hair Essentials is teeming with nature's most critical, hair-nourishing ingredients such as Organic Ceylon Gotu Kola, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic South India Curry Leaf, Organic Fenugreek, Organic Moringa Leaf, Organic Curcumin, & Organic Ceylon Black Pepper (see full description here).

Customer Reviews

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Toni Dunlap

Not sure yet just what, but ai am noyicing a difference. I think there is groth! Yea for that. So I continue to see just what does happen. so far I like it very much.

corina corral
The best hair treatment EVER!

This is, hands down, the best hair product that I've encountered in my 40 years; I will be a Crisan chick for life! It's doing wonders to my hair and my daughters hair, which couldn't be more different than mine; its working wonderfully!! Couldn't be happier! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! 😉