the best mens hair loss products

The Very Best Men’s Hair-Loss Treatments

Best overall product to promote hair growth
CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil  $70

Best liquid formula to prevent hair loss

If you decide to try a hair-loss treatment, a good place to start is with the CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil. In a survey of 250 self-proclaimed consistent CRISAN users, 88% noticed a reduction in hair loss after 6 months of use and increased hair growth after 6 months of use.  

The CRISAN Hair Oil is a product that has taken the world by storm - but what exactly is it?

While it may look quite simple from the outside, it is actually a very powerful Ayurvedic tool for hair health. You see the Crisan hair oil contains 55 vegan and organic oils which are extremely powerful in revitalizing damaged hair and protecting the health and wellness of the scalp.

It is applied to the hair from the scalp to the ends and left on for about thirty minutes to an hour before it is washed out with regular shampoo and conditioner. 

CRISAN restores vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that get stripped from frequent washing, coloring, or heat styling while also providing your scalp and hair with nourishment and protection all the way to the hair shaft. Not only will you see reduced hair fall and less breakage, but you’ll also gain a protective layer that helps protect against environmental damage, heat damage, and damage from your hairdryer, flat iron or other unhealthy hair processes.

The way it works is that each of the oils within CRISAN have their own unique molecular structure. These oils work hand-in-hand to protect the follicle, scalp, and strand in the following ways:

1. The polyunsaturated fatty acids in CRISAN coat the hair for protection

2. The monounsaturated fatty acids penetrate within the hair strand to prevent hair breakage and damage

3. The terpene essential oils in CRISAN stimulate blood flow to the bulb of hair to help promote healthy growth, leaving each user with hair that is incredibly lustrous, healthy, and prepared to withstand future threats. 

One other way that CRISAN is used is to help alleviate dandruff. Research has shown that certain oils within the CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil — such as, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, neem, and thyme — can be effective in controlling dandruff.

Best formula to prevent hair loss on sensitive scalps

Best formula to prevent hair loss for sensitive scalps
100+ Extreme Hair Strengthening Mask $53 

The CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Mask is a powdered formulation conceived using 100 herbs, plants, and spices and nothing more. This gentle formulation has been shown to promote hair growth and density when applied once a week for a period of 6 months. 

CRISAN's goal in creating this product was to fortify the scalp with antioxidants, phytonutrients, and extreme nutrition in an easy-to-apply weekly scalp mask. There are over 100 natural and preservative-free ingredients in this single container which makes it perfect for those who are sensitive to chemical formulations. Each ingredient was specifically chosen for its unique individual characteristics which work to magnify the strengths of each other ingredient powerhouse synergistically. 

The 100+ mask is meant to be applied as a thick paste and can be left on your scalp for at least an hour before washing. 


Best natural hair-growth products

best natural hair growth product
CRISAN Basic Starter Set - Hair Oil, Vitamins, 100+ Mask $181.97
CRISAN Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner  $149.98
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