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15% OFF - 4 x 16oz Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil

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You've tried it and loved it! Now get FOUR of our best-selling CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil with the biggest discount EVER!

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Customer Reviews

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Vanessa Dacenzo
Best Hair Products

I’ve been using Crisan Hair Oil for one year. My hair is softer, stronger and falls out less with regular use (2x a week). I love it and will use if for life!

Joyce Avila-collazo

I just posted on facebook how happy I am with this product

Christine Williams
Love your Products

I wore taped in hair extensions for 3 years. The Crisan products have not only helped transform my hair back to being healthy, but it is now finally growing! I finally broke down and purchased the facial oil, and I love the results I'm seeing on my skin. I just purchased the new extreme hair mask and I'm looking forward to giving it a try. I only wish they offered a high quality and comfortable hair protector to sleep in while masking with oil. I'm having a hard time finding something that stays on and keeps the oil off my pillowcases.

allison mendez
Great products for the whole family!

I love these oils, they work just fine for my whole family (I even use it on my kids)! I've seen so much improvement in our hair and it really shows what a great and life-saving hair oil this is. Thank you so much for making this, its worked better than any other store-bought oil I've made or used. One bonus is its all natural and safe to use, so I'm confident enough to use it on my kids without worrying about excess chemicals which might harm their scalp (they have pretty sensitive scalps). I love how its all made of cold-pressed essential oils which are harmless to use on about any age. And not to mention, the smell is wonderful, its very soothing and calming. The price is also reasonable (quite expensive, but it makes sense since it uses all expensive essential oils). I will definitely keep using this! Like again, thank you so much!

Anna Duarte

I love the way my hair looks and feels after using these products!!!