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Complete Hair Follicle Support Vitamin or Powder

Complete Hair Follicle Support Vitamin or Powder

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CRISAN Complete Hair Follicle Support Daily Vitamin/ Powder

Highly Absorbable Antioxidant and Phytonutrient Blend from Whole Food Sources

Complete Essential Trace Mineral Complex to Help Support Blood Flow Stimulation to the Dermal Papillae. Targeted Ingredients Formulated to Help Support Hair and Thyroid Health.

The CRISAN Complete Hair Follicle Support Daily Supplement is teeming with Nature's Richest Food Sources to Help Support Inner Hair Health. 

With more than 95 essential minerals that the body needs to properly function, this hair-focused health supplement provides 25 coveted hair health ingredients in a single serving. The ingredients are derived from 100% whole food. See Complete Ingredient List below:

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