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16oz Hair Strength Oil, 8oz 100+ Superfood Hair Mask, 60 Capsule Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Vitamins, 8oz Golden Shampoo, 8oz Golden Conditioner - Crisan Hair - COVID19 HAIR LOSS

16oz Hair Strength Oil, 8oz 100+ Superfood Hair Mask, 60 Capsule Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Vitamins, 8oz Golden Shampoo, 8oz Golden Conditioner

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This is the gift you've been looking for! Whether a gift for mom (or a gift for yourself), now is your chance to try some of the most highly-rated CRISAN products ever - including our Golden Label Shampoo and Conditioner and the CRISAN 100+ Hair Strengthening Mask - with the biggest discount EVER!

This MULTI PACK Includes:

1 x 16oz Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil 

1 x 8 oz Extreme Hair Strengthening Mask

1 x Complete Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Vitamins


1 x 8oz Golden Label Shampoo
1 x 8oz Golden Label Conditioner

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kristina Paule

Have had products for a couple weeks now and so far I must say it seems to be living up to all the hype! My hair feels and looks healthier
Will be buying all products again!

Wow! 2nd order, tried new stuff, exceeded expectations!

So the shampoo is AMAZING, smells divine (I could eat it, but won't!) and leaves my hair so shiny and soft. I LOVE the hair mask so much....so earthy and I love that smell. All of it feels amazing on my scalp, as if my skin wonders where this nutrition has been all its life! I mixed the mask w the hair oil per directions and had no problems getting it on my hair or rinsing it off! I tried the cheesecloth, but that didn't work for me. I tried some sort of pampered chef cheesecloth bag thing I ordered so maybe that was it. I just mixed it in my hand and it was almost runny and very smooth consistency and easy to use. I absolutely LOVE the lip, eyebrow and eyelash trio. I don't know which one smells amazing, or all of them... but I use all three before bed and my eyes don't bother me at all. I wasn't sure, but I put the eyelash one on like mascara...is that okay? These products feel like such self love and self care and very earthy and I am sure they are doing great things, besides making me feel pampered and confident and happy! Thank you, Crisan family for all these quality products, new products and all the videos and loving vibes that go with your business. My products were sent timely and packaged very nice and professional. Not sure why I clicked to buy shipping insurance...I don't think I would do that again. No biggie. I just think the company would cover that? Nice special package deals and coupons available....still pricey, but not over priced for the quality that goes into this stuff. It lasts a long time because it is so rich with ingredients and absorbs and lasts. Oh, I still love that face oil and it kept me coming back. I also got a tiny skin operation and have been using that as a scar massage treatment to minimize scarring. This was after I was using my own potion with some of the essential and carrier oils that are included in the face oil...such as helichrysthum, which is great for so much, including wound healing. My scar is healing so well and the area feels great when I apply it at least twice a day. My scar has never itched or bothered me, but I also took care of it day one w vaseline, per the specialist's orders. Thank you very very much for your wonderful company and products! I will definitely be coming back and hope everyone gets to try your products. My hair looks great and thick! I am not sure if it will grow faster, but will definitely update that on future reviews. It is my favorite shampoo ever, and unlike other sulfite free shampoos, it seems to lather and get into my hair better. It takes a good amount since I have thick hair, but I feel like it doesn't take an excessive amount. I like to use it at the beach, since it is all natural and won't hurt the aquatic life! I like to let the sun soak it all in. Thank you so so much! Oh, I love how the vitamins include ashwaganda, great for moods also, pms and more. I take an additional amount of that one as needed in the middle of the day. What amazing formulas for all your products, and I have been researching and into essential oils and natural products for quite a long time now. Oh, I have that hair that can scrunch itself wavy in the summer, and this shampoo definitely supports that look well!

Analynn Sardella

AmZing so far / smell/lather 🙌 very happy

Felicia Todisco

This is honestly the best hair product I have ever used! I will be ordering more!

Renee Kiebler
Wonderful products

I love everything shampoo is gentle the hair oil is so good smells wonderful I love the way it makes my hair feel and don't get me started on the face oil WONDERFUL smells great face feels amazing afterward, the only thing I can't seem to get down is the hair mask Ariana you make it look so easy to apply. Love love love these product