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NEW! tru-Age Exfoliating Body Scrub - 16oz

NEW! tru-Age Exfoliating Body Scrub - 16oz

Indulge in the Truly Ayurvedic truAge Collection

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Now is a better time than ever to indulge in self-care to help promote a sense of calm, well-being, and healing. 

Introducing the CRISAN truAGE Exfoliating Body Scrub!

This body scrub is a wonderful way to polish away dead skin, clear clogged pores, and exfoliate tired dull skin to reveal plump, vibrant, glowing skin!

*Apply this body scrub to clean dry skin and polish away in the impurities using gentle circular motion. 

When you are finished polishing, wash the scrub away with warm water and use a mild cleanser if you would like. I prefer to rinse the scrub away with warm water without using a cleanser so that the oils from the scrub keep my skin moisturized and protected.

If you prefer to use a cleanser, no worries - just apply a few drops of the CRISAN truAGE Moisturizing Facial Oil in place of lotion on your entire body. 

The truAGE Moisturizing Facial Oil will absorb quickly into your skin and keep your entire body feeling supple, soft, and fresh. 

Here are the Ingredients for our truly Ayurvedic CRISAN truAGE Exfoliating Body Scrub:

Organic Dead Sea Salt 

Organic Himalayan Salt 

Organic Peppermint Leaves 

Organic Olive Oil 

Organic Neem Oil 

Organic Lavender Oil 

Organic Peppermint Oil

Organic Tea Tree Oil 

Organic Ylang Ylang Oil 

Papaya Seed Oil 

Pumpkin Seed Oil 

Red Raspberry Seed Oil 

Carrot Seed Oil 

Jasmine Oil 

Rose Oil

Lotus Oil 

Sandalwood Oil 

Plumeria Oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Prekei Staten

NEW! tru-Age Exfoliating Body Scrub - 16oz

Dr. Lisa Kramer
Highly recommend for sensitive skin

New! tru-Age Exfoliating Body Scrub is excellent for all skin types. The natural oil from the product leaves your skin soft.

Rebecca Banghart

I love this scrub! I exfoliate outside the shower and rub/scrub it in with a warm washcloth once a week. It does not take much for an area of the body so the container lasts a long time. Very oil rich with olive oil. When I first got it I will say that I had to mix it really well with a spoon before I could use it. The salts are very dense and will settle. The herbs will settle and sometimes hang out at the bottom of the container also. BUT …. That is what a natural product is supposed to do so I’m completely fine with stirring it before each use.
IT LEAVES SKIN SUPER SOFT. Like, baby butt soft. I even got my husband to use it and HE loves it too! Not perfumery. We are happy with the product!


Makes your skin feel smooth and silky. Got rid of dry, calloused skin on my feet. Marvelous product, thank you!

Nat C

I've had many many different body scrubs in my search for a good one and they've all been so disappointing in one way or another, until now...Crisan has really made the most luxurious, moisturizing, and nourishing body scrub I've ever used. The smell is simply divine that lingers without being overbearing. I feel like a goddess when I use it. It does have a bunch of dried herbs in it that also add to the feelings of luxury and nourishment, but be warned, those herbs need quite a bit of extra rinsing and tend to get all over the tub. The little extra cleanup is worth it though. My skin is so soft afterwards!

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