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CRISAN Hair Treatment Features

Extreme Hair Growth Stimulator

Repairs Extensive Hair Breakage

Helps Prevent Greying

Smoothes and Shines Hair

Soothes and Repairs Damaged Hair

Restores Natural Sebum Balance

Strengthens Hair Follicle - Thickens Hair

Deep Conditions Aging Hair

Regrows Hair Lost from Postpartum Hair Loss

Reduces Scalp Inflammation


Protects from Heat & Color Damage

Dry Hair Elixir

Tames Frizz 

Anti-Dandruff Treatment

What Makes CRISAN Different?

CRISAN has created the only hair oil on the market that contains 55 naturally occurring essential and carrier oils that benefit the hair in a variety of ways. The CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil is like a super vitamin for your roots. It is an Ayurvedic recipe that also helps to stimulate healthy new hair growth on all types of hair loss despite their cause because it nourishes and strengthens what you have and rejuvenates dormant follicles into production.The molecules from the lauric acid present in CRISAN bind to proteins in the hair shaft - preventing loss of protein and therefore protecting hair from breakage. The essential oils contained within are also known as terpene oils which have very small molecular structures. These oils penetrate beneath the dermal papillae near the hair bulb and stimulate an increase of blood flow to the bulb which is how healthy, thick hair is developed.

Our Ayurvedic Ingredients Have Each Been Clinically Tested and Proven to Help Reduce Hair Loss, Stimulate Healthy New Growth, and Nourish and Strengthen the Skin and Scalp.

16 oz CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Hair Care Oil

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CRISAN Extreme Hair Strengthening Mask - 100+ Plant-Based Hair Strengthening Ingredients

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CRISAN truAGE Moisturizing Facial Oil is All You Will Ever Need to Pamper Your Skin.

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Complete Hair Essentials | Vegan Daily Vitamin

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CRISAN Lash, Brow, and Lip Set

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