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You've tried it and loved it, now get ALL THREE of our most popular CRISAN Hair and Skin Products with the biggest discount EVER!


1 x 16oz Extreme Hair Strengthening Oil 

1 x 8 oz truAGE Moisturizing Facial Oil

1 x Complete Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Vitamins



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Life Changers!

It’s been a month and a half since I’ve been using the Crisan Oil and at first my hair felt really soft but at the same time had an interesting texture too. I didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. My hair felt like it was fighting static. It made my hair feel really light weight too and my husband loves the smell to it. Even when putting the oil in my hair, it wasn’t messy. My scalp would feel a little tight so it made me nervous, because I’ve had allergic reactions before to hair growth and I lost half my hair, because of it. So far, from the beginning of this experiment, I’ve been doing it twice a week and decided to finish the whole bottle before making a post. But my hair has felt stronger each time I use it. I noticed better volume and the tips of my hair, a lot stronger.
Before Crisan, my hair would grow passed my shoulders and I’d notice a lot of split ends. My hair has grown a lot recently and I was unsure if it was because of Crisan that I had a lot of split ends or if they were already there and Crisan brought it a lot quicker since my hair is growing faster. I expected it to have changed that. Well, I got a hair cut a week and a half ago and noticed my hair is already passing my shoulders again, and... NOO split ends and not only that, there are plenty of new hairs growing on my scalp. When I am brushing my hair Im not losing half of what I use to. I pull my hair up into a pony tail and no hair comes out.. it’s unbelievable what a difference my hair has come in less than two months. I feel comfortable and a lot more confident. All and all, I truly don’t want to ever be without this stuff! It has changed my life!


So far I got my shipment as promised. To early to tell about results. No adverse reactions ot anything. So

First time user

I purchased the bundle because I wasn’t sure if I would like the products or not. I only bought one bottle of the hair pills so I really don’t know if they made a difference or not. The hair oil is good. You need to add the oil all the way to your ends or they will seem dry. The facial oil however is something I have tried and I saw an immediate reaction in my skin. Very soft. So soft that I could stop touching my face. I noticed how the few wrinkles I had were reduced. The oil is best used at night because it runs and it can get in your eyes during the day.